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Use Turbo Tourney's Internet Add-On To Put Your Pool On The Web!

One of the most amazing features of Turbo Tourney 2019 is that it can generate an entire web site for your pool with just a single click. However, many people do not have their own web space or they don't know how to FTP files to their server. Also, some people cannot use the integrated email feature of Turbo Tourney because their email program is not compatible, such as America Online.

In the past, those people have been left out in the cold. That's why we have created, the official hosting service of Turbo Tourney 2019 and Turbo Tourney Pro 2019. We will supply the web site space for your pool and you can simply use Turbo Tourney to manage your pool (up to 1,000 players) and then publish it on the web! It's all integrated with the software so you don't have to know anything about FTP or web hosting.

You can also use the built-in Mail feature to keep your players updated throughout the tournament.

The Turbo Tourney Internet Add-On is available as an additional service to Turbo Tourney 2019 and Turbo Tourney Pro 2019. You only need to purchase it if you want to run your pool on the web site or if you want to use the integrated Mail feature. The add-on is integrated with Turbo Tourney so you don't have to worry about anything... just let Turbo Tourney do the work for you.

See how easy it is to make your pool look like this!

The pricing for this service is:

Turbo Tourney 2019 - $9.95
Turbo Tourney Pro 2019 - $19.95

If you are a new customer, you can add this option at the time when you place your order.

If you have already purchased Turbo Tourney or Turbo Tourney Pro and would like to add-on this feature, simply click here to sign-up for this service.

How soon after I sign up will my website be available?
Your site will be available immediately. Some other sites make you wait anywhere from 1-2 days before your site is available. During the tournament, time is of the essence so we make your site available immediately after your order the service. You can start uploading right away.

How does this work with my Turbo Tourney software?
Once you order the service you will receive an email with all the details on how to turn on the hosting feature in Turbo Tourney. You just have to enter your normal login information that you use on this web site for your account and Turbo Tourney will know that you are a hosted pool and will upload the files for you automatically. Click here for more details.

Can people enter their picks on my site?
Absolutely. Your site can be completely integrated with the Deploy via Web feature of Turbo Tourney to collect your entries on the web. You can then just download them directly into the program without entering any picks yourself.

How often will my site be updated with the latest results?
The question really is... how often do YOU want them updated. It's completely up to you because your web site is completely under your control so you update whenever you want. We supply the space for your pool but you are in control of it. You can even use the new Turbo Tourney Scheduler to automate the process of keeping your site current with the latest results.

Can I run more than one pool on my site?
For Turbo Tourney 2019 customers you can run one 2019 Men's tournament pool and one 2019 Women's tourament pool on your site.

For Turbo Tourney Pro 2019 customers you can run one pool for each sporting event that is supported for 2019. So, you can run one Men's tournament pool, one Women's tournament pool, one NFL weekly pool, one College Bowl pool, etc. Click here for a list of sporting events that are included.

This service is good for the 2019 season.

How many players can I publish on my web site?
You can publish your pool web pages for up to 1,000 players. So, even if you purchased the Enterprise Edition you can still only use the Internet Add-On for up to 1,000 players.

What Customers Are Saying

"We needed a turn key profitable solution on the fly and Turbo Tourney was the perfect solution. It was easily customizable to fit into our existing site design and when we needed support - they were there for us!"

Internet Marketing Manager
Clear Channel Cleveland

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"I've used Turbo Tourney for's the BEST software I've ever seen to run tournament pools and now, I'm using it on my station's website to run contests for my listeners. It's a great (and easy) way to generate listeners and revenue, have some fun and a breeze to use."

Program Director
ESPN Radio

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