Excerpt From The Baltimore Sun

Home Computing, Michael J. Himowitz

The Best of Breed goes to Turbo Tourney for Windows, from Sideline Software of Des Moines, Iowa.   This one isn't just good -- it's as pretty as a three-point game-winning shot at the buzzer.  In fact, I'm amazed that anyone would put so much spit and polish into software with such a limited audience.

Turbo Tourney makes it a snap to enter team pairings, players' names and the scoring for each round.  (Some pools give an equal number of points for winning picks in each round, while others give an increasing award for picks in succeeding rounds).  That's about all the typing you have to do.   After that, the program takes full advantage of Windows' graphical interface.   If you have a fax modem, reports can be sent directly to fax machines in other departments (or anywhere in the world for that matter).

Turbo Tourney can manage multiple pools.  It comes with a sample file featuring the 1994 tournament teams, and the 1995 tournament pairings will be available for downloading from Compuserve and America Online when the NCAA makes them available.  The program's Online help is extensive and fully-illustrated. 

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What Customers Are Saying

"We needed a turn key profitable solution on the fly and Turbo Tourney was the perfect solution. It was easily customizable to fit into our existing site design and when we needed support - they were there for us!"

Internet Marketing Manager
Clear Channel Cleveland

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"I've used Turbo Tourney for years...it's the BEST software I've ever seen to run tournament pools and now, I'm using it on my station's website to run contests for my listeners. It's a great (and easy) way to generate listeners and revenue, have some fun and a breeze to use."

Program Director
ESPN Radio

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